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About Us

Who Are We?

Uniprint is an up and rising personalised gift platform that offers an innovative solution to customers by combining the value of personal connection and universal creativity.


Our motto, to empower a new generation of co-creation between customers and art talents says it all. We provide the channel to create 100% personalised gifts by connecting you to the best art talents. Preview , adjust and print the illustration wherever you want on the product!


Get ready to request, create and swiftly receive your unique products. We oversee the entire co-creation process from initial idea to the final masterpiece!

Why Choose Us- Creative and Personal Touch

Customers! Do you ever struggle finding thoughtful, personalized gifts? Start transforming your design ideas into uniquely personalised products in just 3 steps. Your purchase makes a difference to Art Talents and supports the greater vision of the co-creation lifestyle; a pioneering vision that encourages active involvement and input from both Customers and Art Talents to create what you exactly want and love. Simply click ‘Request’  now to kickstart this personalisation journey! 


-Receive designs completely tailored to your request (For free!) 

-Two subscription packages (Standard and Premium!)

-Get what you love (Designs with your active input!) 

Why Choose Us- Showcase your talents!

Art talents! Have you always enjoyed arts and craft as a hobby but never thought of making something bigger out of it? Hesitate no more! Here’s the chance for you to showcase your talent, be rewarded monetarily and be part of the greater community that promotes the transfer of creativeness with like-minded creators! Click ‘Job' to learn more about how the matching works and start connecting to customers!


- Zero Cost of Entry (No subscription needed!) 

- Solely Focus on Design (We handle the rest!) 

- Driven by passion (No design qualifications required!)